Why Autism Awareness Month is Triggering for Autistic People

April is autism awareness month. You may not believe this, but that whole month is very triggering for autistic people. So I bet you’re wondering why is a month that’s supposed to be dedicated to autistic people so upsetting to actually autistic people? It’s because autism awareness was not started by autistic people. It was started by non autistic people. This awareness that they try to spread is actually very harmful to the autistic community and does nothing but have more people whining about our existence and wanting cures for autism. I think by now everyone is aware autistic people exist. But the one thing autistic people need is acceptance but that’s also the hardest thing to get from people, especially from people who don’t understand autism.

You’ll see puzzle pieces floating around all over the internet and that’s also triggering for us, but I’ll go into details about that in another blog post.

You’ll see a lot of people donating to organizations that don’t even care about autistic people like Autism Speaks, but again, that’s for another blog post as well.

The month of April, everyone wants to speak over autistic people and push us to the side. We don’t feel safe to be on social media during this time because people make us feel like we don’t have a voice or that it doesn’t really matter.

If you’re going to be sharing anything about autism during autism awareness month, then I highly suggest sharing stuff from actually autistic people. Help uplift our voices. If it’s not by an autistic person, then you’re most likely spreading misinformation that’s harmful. Please listen to us when we speak because what we have to say does matter.