TikTok is shadow banning autistic content creators

I really wanted to make this post to update everyone about an ongoing issue that’s been going on. I’ve seen a bunch of autistic content creators on TikTok being banned for talking about their autism. TikTok is saying that the words “autism” or “autistic goes against their guidelines and that it’s hate speech. I’m pretty confused as to why us speaking up about our autistic experience is hate speech. It really bothers me that they’re trying to silence us. It’s not fair to us that we put in so much emotional labor to educate everyone and our content just gets shadow banned. That’s discrimination and it needs to stop.

A BIPOC content creator on TikTok who is also autistic (Tim Boykin), came up with a hashtag that autistic people can use.


The purpose of that hashtag is to make a point that autistic content creators aren’t going anywhere and we are not going to be silenced.

Please give Tim a follow on TikTok


He is a song writer and an author. It’s very important that we support and uplift BIPOC content creators because their voices matter too.

You can listen to his song by clicking here

You can purchase his book by clicking here

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