Multitasking Fail

Picture of me working on digital art on my iPad with my daughter sitting on a Blues Clues pillow on my lap

I try my best to multitask but it’s usually a fail. I impulsively started working on a autism children’s book. I won’t go into the details because it’s an original idea and it’s not yet published. I don’t want anyone to take my idea before I get the chance to publish this.

I’ve decided to do the illustrations myself as well using an app on my iPad. My daughter has been wanting to stay glued to me all day. She started fussing because she wanted her blues clues pillow on my lap and then proceeded to climb up to lay on the pillow on my lap. I tried my best to work with her on my lap but I couldn’t really focus and kept messing up the illustration. I already struggle with hand tremors so things like this requires my full attention. So I guess I’ll just wait until she goes to sleep to continue.

I don’t know when this book will be finished or when it’ll be published. My autism poetry book is top priority right now but I’m working on the children’s book little by little just so I don’t feel so far behind on any of the books. After finishing and releasing my autism documentary, it’s given me a lot more time to focus on these books. I have so many ideas flowing in my brain and can’t wait to get everything sorted out and finished.

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