My day went downhill quick today

My son was ordered to quarantine due to being a close contact to someone who had COVID. That transition is hard enough. I got out of bed this morning and got him started with his virtual learning. Everything was running smooth until his second schedule. I lost track of time because of other things I needed to get done and logged him in 10 minutes late. Everything seemed to go downhill from there. I had an important 11am virtual meeting but I completely forgot and ended up being 10 minutes late for that too. They called me and asked if I was still logging in and I said yes but then I couldn’t find the link so I called back and we just did the session through the phone. I had to answer a bunch of questions all while my son is trying to ask me questions so I had to keep making this lady repeat herself. Then I get a phone call from my case manager which I couldn’t answer because I was still busy with the meeting. When the meeting was over, I tried calling my case manager back but she didn’t answer so I left a voicemail. I had to sign and email back this document to the lady I had the phone session with as well all while my daughter is crying and whining for a boob because she’s still breastfed. At some point I cleaned the litter boxes out and also was dealing with my sons attitude because something wasn’t going his way. Then my husband messages me and asks if our son started with Occupational Therapy yet but I didn’t recall him telling me about that so he ended up being logged in 5 minutes late for that. Now I’m left with a bad sensory headache and it’s only 12:30pm. I feel like the whole entire day is trash and now I’m sitting here working on this blog post for y’all to show you just how quick things can go downhill for a autistic person when there’s a slight change or inconsistency in schedule. It’s very hard for me. If you know someone who is autistic and you see them frustrated, please be patient with them.

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