Escaping Sensory Overload

I was dealing with a lot of sensory overload. I was all touched out and fed up with any kind of sensory input. I decided to run off to the room and draw. Drawing was my very first special interest ever as an autistic person. I still have a binder full of my drawings when I was a little girl.

A picture of me sketching and drawing

I used drawing as a way to escape reality when I was little. I was constantly abused and needed an outlet. Since I’m a very visual person, my drawings seemed to come to life right in front of me and it almost felt like I was in a whole different world. When I was little, my favorite things to draw were flowers and cats. In the picture above, I’m working on a drawing of a bush with hydrangeas from our garden outside. I took a picture of it and now copying the picture.

My inner child felt happy doing what she used to love to do. I felt at peace drawing. I never liked coloring my pictures so this time I went out of my comfort zone and used colored pencils. I tried my hardest to capture every detail and shade everything correctly. I’m not the best with shading color but I feel like it turned out pretty good regardless. I plan on doing more drawings with color as soon as I finish this one.

I have no idea when this picture will be finished because the baby still doesn’t give me many breaks. It will be posted on my Instagram so please follow me on there. Scan the QR code below!

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