Blue Pumpkins for Autism?

I know a lot of you have seen the blue pumpkins circling around on social media. It’s supposed to let the person know that the child is autistic and may not be able to speak. While there’s so many people who thinks this is a brilliant idea; the majority of the actually autistic community disagrees with this.

An autistic child should not be forced to walk around with this because it’s nobody’s business what their neurological status is. Please respect your child’s privacy. It’s very dangerous because it lets predators know this child is vulnerable and most likely has no sense of danger. It makes autistic children who carry those pumpkins the perfect target. Just because they may be supervised by an adult, doesn’t mean something bad still can’t happen.

Also, that person should be respectful and inclusive with every child without needing a blue pumpkin as a reminder. Just be a decent human being and give the damn candy to the child. Everyone should be able to get candy no matter what.

Also, people are easily confusing this for the teal pumpkins which are for allergies. This literally poses a health risk because I’m sure it’s really hard to tell the difference of color when it’s dark out. Please don’t use this for your autistic child. This is not autism acceptance at all.

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